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EMC Global Data Protection Index 2016: Tracking and Thwarting Evolving Cyber Threats

By Charles King, Pund-IT, Inc.  June 29, 2016 Enterprise IT likely feels more than a little whipsawed these days. Not only do organizations continue to create data at unprecedented rates, but IT staff and management are continually asked t... Continue reading

IBM BigInsights: Refining Open Source Big Data for Enterprises

By Charles King, Pund-IT, Inc.  June 29, 2016 I’ve written pretty regularly about IBM’s history of promoting open source technologies. Those efforts began with the company’s support of Linux in the 1990s, resulting in IBM supporting ... Continue reading

128 Technology: Secure New Vector Routing Solutions Across Network Boundaries

By Charles King, Pund-IT, Inc.  June 15, 2016 New IT solutions don’t arise in a vacuum. Instead, most are inspired by real world technology and/or business problems. Some niggling, some serious but problems nonetheless. That’s certainl... Continue reading

Dell’s IoT Division Celebrates First Anniversary

By Charles King, Pund-IT, Inc.  June 15, 2016 The IT industry has been in high gear about the potential and commercial opportunities related to the Internet of Things (IoT) for a couple of years now, and for good reason. Why so?