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IBM DataWorks – Looking for (and Finding) the Next Big Data Thing

By Charles King, Pund-IT, Inc.  September 28, 2016 How vendors support open source technologies doesn’t follow a set path. Many start-ups and smaller companies (along with once-small, now-prosperous businesses) make near or complete comm... Continue reading

IBM Edge 2016 – Trust, Authenticity and Systemic Performance

By Charles King, Pund-IT, Inc.  September 28, 2016 It’s difficult to think of an issue that has had a greater effect on the IT industry than commoditization. The ability to develop and deliver often awesomely complex microprocessors, fla... Continue reading

Citrix and the Pursuit of Transformative Success

By Charles King, Pund-IT, Inc.  September 21, 2016 “Transformation” is a weighted term in the IT industry. That’s partly due to its widespread use, to the point of being a bromide in all too many circumstances. At the same time, effe... Continue reading

Dell EMC’s Service-Defined Infrastructure – The Next Evolutionary Step in Converged Systems

By Charles King, Pund-IT, Inc.  September 21, 2016 One of the more interesting events at VMworld 2016 was Dell EMC’s launch of its new Validated System for Virtualization which reflects a substantial shift in the company’s converged sy... Continue reading