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HP: The Human Side of Innovation

By Charles King, Pund-IT, Inc.  September 24, 2014 Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) has an oddly high profile in the IT industry. Why odd? Because while companies in virtually every other industry certainly pursue and publicize significa... Continue reading

Dell Ventures—Mobilizing Early Stage Innovation: an Interview with Jim Lussier

September 22, 2014 Venture capital and capitalists (VC/s) enjoy a legendary status in Silicon Valley and the broader technology industry. That’s partly due to the remarkable gains and spectacular wealth that some in the VC community have ... Continue reading

IDF 2014 – The Four “A’s” of Industry Standard Data Center Computing

By Charles King, Pund-IT, Inc.  September 17, 2104 Last week, while most of the world was mooning over the latest revolutionary iPhone launch extravaganza in Cupertino, a different sort of revolution was taking place in San Francisco at th... Continue reading

IBM – Transformation Is Commonplace, Evolution Is Hard

By Charles King, Pund-IT, Inc.  September 17, 2014 IBM’s System and Technology Group (STG), the company’s core hardware product organization, has been hosting annual analyst summits to discuss current events and future plans for about ... Continue reading