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Profile—Charles King, Pund-IT president and principal analyst

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Charles King- President Pund-IT

Charles King is one of the most frequently quoted IT industry analysts in the business, whose comments and insights are regularly featured in national media outlets (Wall Street Journal, CIO Journal, USA Today, Reuters, Business Week, San Jose Mercury News and Silicon Valley Business Times) and on IT industry-centric news sites (eWeek, Computerworld, ECT News, IDG and TechTarget).


Since founding Pund-IT™ in December 2004, Charles has published regular commentaries in his analyst newsletter, Pund-IT™ Weekly Review. Along with his own work, the Weekly Review features reports by guest independent industry analysts covering everything from emerging mobile consumer devices to enterprise data center technologies. The Weekly Review enjoys a strong following among IT executive leaders marketing and communications professionals and technology journalists.


As a business computing industry generalist, Charles believes firmly in the power of traditional and emerging information channels to deliver key messages and insights. For over two decades, he has focused on business technology evolution and interpreting the effects these changes will have on vendors, their customers and partners, and the greater IT marketplace.
Pund-IT™ and Charles King are represented by business agent Fred Abbott at Valley View Ventures – phone: 978-254-1639, email:


Recent Reports

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