Dell Technologies Streamlines and Simplifies Global Partner Program

By Charles King, Pund-IT®  February 9, 2022

Programs for tech vendors’ partners don’t receive as much attention as they should. That’s mainly because as business-focused organizations, partners like solution providers, Value Added Resellers (VARs), cloud service providers (CSPs) and OEM-focused players live and work off the radars of most traditional media outlets. In addition, much of the work partners perform is done behind the scenes where they smooth rough edges, ensure that products and services perform correctly and help their customers shine.

But the vital importance of partners cannot be overstated, especially for vendors like Dell Technologies, whose years of partner development and investment have resulted in a global ecosystem that delivers over half of Dell’s orders revenue. This week, Dell’s Global Channel Chief, Rola Dagher, revealed enhancements designed to streamline partners’ experiences and help them grow and transform their businesses in 2022. Let’s consider what she and Dell announced.

Dell’s streamlined 2022 partner plan

In a blog outlining the program changes, Dagher noted two elements designed to streamline the way partners interact with Dell.

  1. First, there will be a single incentive structure with region-specific rates that are consistent across all partner tracks.
  2. Second, there will be a single set of revenue and training requirements for partners.

In other words, partners such as VARs, CSPs, OEM partners, and those who combine disciplines and services, should have a better understanding of where they stand in terms of payments and incentives, as well how they are required to perform before they pursue or begin new projects.

According to Dagher, that will enable partners to “focus on positioning the best solution for their customer, while earning consistent, lucrative incentives, regardless of route to market.”

Dagher also described enhancements to other program areas:

  • Doubling down on growing partner-led storage engagements with a 5X tier accelerator for mid-range (PowerStore and Unity XT) solution sales and a new 2% incremental rebate kicker for completing acquisition and tech refresh deals.
  • Simplifying the competitive swap and tech refresh processes and extending tech refresh with server sales leads.
  • Invested heavily on updates to Dell’s Online Service Calculator (OSC) and added dedicated team members to speed and ease storage price quotes.
  • Expanded the “Access for VMware” program which provides license resell and rebate to all eligible metal tiered partners.
  • Expanded the new business incentive for client solutions to include Dell displays and client peripherals to support engagements across Dell’s entire portfolio and encourage cross-sell motions.

Additionally, Dagher noted that partners can take advantage of Dell’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy by applying earned funds to efforts like sustainability and recycling initiatives, eWaste programs and funding medical breakthroughs. Dagher’s blog also included testimonials from key Dell partners, including CDI, Softcat, Computacenter, Synnex and Sumo Tech.

Final analysis

So, what are we to make of this streamlining of Dell’s global partner program? First and foremost, the new and updated changes Dagher discussed underscore the important role of consistency in partners’ organizations, no matter whether they are VARs, CSPs or OEM-focused companies.

Because of the entrepreneurial nature of their businesses, channel partners tend to look for consistency and predictability as much as tidy incentive programs or hefty rebates. That doesn’t mean that partners turn a blind eye to profitability. But Dell’s streamlined program demonstrates how a vendor can ensure that partners clearly know where they stand as they prepare and pursue potentially lucrative deals.

These changes are also likely to provide benefits to customers. By simplifying and making its program more flexible to the needs of the channel, Dell is helping to minimize or eliminate any confusion that might distract partners from doing what’s best for their clients.

Overall, Dell’s streamlined program seems likely to benefit and be welcomed by channel partners of every kind.

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