VCE Announces New Converged Solutions

By Charles King, Pund-IT, Inc.  February 11, 2015

VCE announced new Foundation for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud converged solutions that the company said are designed to further speed and simplify the deployment and management of hybrid cloud environments.

The new offering extends the standardized, repeatable practices of the company’s unique “VCE Experience” by enabling the integration and support of additional technologies in VCE’s converged infrastructure environments.

These include VMware NSX network virtualization, VMware vRealize management and orchestration software, and EMC ViPR software-defined storage. Customers can deploy one or all of these with the same VCE Experience benefits: seamless component-level updates, ongoing lifecycle assurance and unified support across all components, and full factory integration.

VCE’s Foundation for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud will be orderable in Q1 2015 through VCE and its network of solution provider partners.

The pitch

VCE’s new converged solutions offer its customers greater choice and allow the company to meet new customer needs.

Final analysis

Evolution is constant in the IT industry, and the most successful vendors are those who embrace it fully and flexibly, as VCE has with its new Foundation for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. The critical points of reference here are, 1) the ongoing adoption of hybrid cloud by enterprises, and 2) those same organizations’ demands to freely develop and deploy hybrid cloud infrastructures as they, not vendors, choose.

VCE is certainly continuing its highly successful partnership with Cisco, and this news shows how it will also support customers that may prefer to deploy VMware’s NSX and vRealize, and EMC’s ViPR. This is precisely the sort of flexibility we anticipated when VCE moved over to become an EMC Federation Company last year.

So what exactly is the Foundation for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud? In essence, VCE is expanding its solution portfolio with additional software-defined technologies from VMware and EMC, including extending its well-regarded updates, lifecycle assurance and support offerings to those solutions. That means that company customers that want to incorporate VMware NSX network virtualization, VMware vRealize management and orchestration software and EMC ViPR storage virtualization can do so while continuing to enjoy the full VCE Experience.

Practically speaking, VCE’s Foundation for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud can be described as “best-of-breed meets customer need.” Closely attending and responding to the preferences of customers and prospects that want these leading edge software-defined technologies qualifies as both a reasonable and logical next step for VCE.

In addition, as demand for hybrid cloud continues to develop we believe that software will define a growing range of IT and business processes. But fully supporting and enabling these technologies will also help to define vendors like VCE and serve as a dividing line between them and less innovative or flexible players.

Overall, VCE’s Foundation for Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud qualifies as a win/win that should provide significant, growing value for its customers and solution provider partners. Over time, we also expect it to be just one of many strategic efforts the company embarks on as it stays in tune with market developments. After all, evolution may imply the survival of the fittest. But in technology, the fittest are usually those like VCE who pay close attention to their customers’ needs.

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