About Pund-It®

How IT products and services impact the market and how customers perceive them often falls far short of expectations. As a result, many vendors engage Pund-IT® to sharpen, deepen and expand their strategic messaging efforts.

Charles King photo

Why Pund-IT®? Charles King, Pund-IT®’s president and principal analyst, has deep communications expertise that makes him a valuable and trusted asset for clients. In addition, Charles regularly speaks with the mainstream and technical media on topics from emerging IT products to continuing market trends.

Charles helps some of IT’s largest and most innovative companies craft their product and service strategies in three simple steps:

  • Investigate—Work closely with the client to understand their goals and solutions and then sharpen messaging collateral to achieve those ends.
  • Interpret—Develop a deeper context for the product, including its place in the client’s portfolio, its position in relation to competitors’ products and its likely impact on the broader market.
  • Inform—Leverage information channels, including Pund-IT® publications and IT industry and general business news outlets to maximize message clarity and expand its impact.

In all Pund-IT® engagements, the goal is to help cut through hype, promote better understanding and provide actionable insights.

About Our Publications

Since 2005, the Pund-IT® Weekly Review has offered unique perspectives on events affecting the IT industry and community. The Weekly Review aims to gauge subjects’ practical and strategic impact, and how they will practically affect vendors, end users, and the greater marketplace.

Along with the Weekly Review, Pund-IT® also publishes Breaking News Reviews on critical IT industry events, Spotlight interviews with high tech movers and shakers and Perspectives, in which multiple analysts offer their insights on technology events. In addition, Pund-IT® develops Marketplace Updates, including white papers and go-to-market reports with the cooperation and support of technology vendors and other commercial organizations.

Readers from IT executives to business computing customers to technology reporters look to Pund-IT® for insightful reports on industry events, vendor announcements and related news. Along with analyses by Charles King, Pund-IT® publications regularly feature guest commentaries by respected independent IT industry analysts associated with Valley View Ventures.

About Our Business

As is common with many or most IT industry analyst firms, Pund-IT® works with notable technology vendors, like AMD, Dell EMC, HPE, IBM, Intel, Lenovo and Microsoft and is paid for its advisory and consulting services. Despite those commercial relationships, we strive to provide our readers with honest, unbiased analysis and opinions. If we are ever paid to create reports about specific companies, products or services we will clearly and conspicuously disclose those relationships.