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IBM Cloud Pak for Security: Comprehensive Protection Wherever Data Resides

By Charles King, Pund-IT®  December 11, 2019

The routes that organizations are taking to cloud computing are pretty well set. Rather than flocking to individual public clouds as evangelists once envisioned, enterprises are instead maintaining data on premises in various systems and private clouds while also engaging with multiple public cloud platforms. A larger question remains in how and how well valuable data and application assets can be protected when they are widely dispersed in these hybrid multi-cloud environments. That issue is especially pointed considering the increasing frequency and sophistication of attacks by cyber-criminal and rogue states.

Fortunately for businesses, security vendors including IBM are pushing forward individually and in partnerships to address these challenges. IBM’s recently announced Cloud Pak for Security incorporates its own formidable assets and also integrates new open source security technologies developed by both the company and its strategic partners. The new platform is part of a family of six IBM Cloud Paks, one being IBM Cloud Pak for Data, a platform that enables customers to comprehensively explore, manage, analyze and govern myriad data assets across their organizations.

I’ll be writing more about IBM Cloud Paks, including the Cloud Pak for Data in the coming months. For now, let’s consider IBM Cloud Pak for Security and what it offers hybrid multi-cloud customers. Continue reading

Dell Technologies Summit – Balancing Today’s Achievements and Tomorrow’s Goals

By Charles King, Pund-IT, Inc.  November 20, 2019

Tech vendors are so relentlessly focused on the future that it’s sometimes easy to forget the pragmatic demands that drive them. Sure, many customers and partners are curious about what vendors see on the horizon. But most are more concerned about the here and now and how vendors are helping them keep their organizations up, running and doing business.

Balancing daily requirements while cultivating future development is a challenge that some vendors are better at than others, and Dell is a case in point. Shortly after returning to the company’s CEO position in 2007, Michael Dell set out to transform Dell from a market leading PC maker into an end-to-end IT systems provider. In 2013, after taking the company private, Dell announced the 2020 Legacy of Good Plan – long term corporate, social and environmental goals designed to improve the company’s products, processes and communities and to help customers and partners improve theirs.

Last week at the Dell Technologies Summit in Austin, Michael Dell and his leadership team discussed the company’s latest achievements, including launching a new 2030 Progress Made Real plan detailing the ambitious goals that Dell plans to pursue during the coming decade. Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading